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In bible times were people gaints?

November 25, 2019 General Reading Time: 0 minutes, 54 seconds

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The Bible tells us that there were giants, but not that everyone was a giant. For example, we know Goliath was a giant. The Bible tells us that he was “6 cubits and a span” (1 Samuel 17:4), which Bible scholars tell us was between 9 and 12 feet tall! The Bible tells of groups of people, such as the Anakims and the Emims, who were giants (Deuteronomy 2:11). But these people were giants compared to the rest of the people who weren’t.

The existence of these giants seems to tell us that men and women used to be taller. It is likely before the flood that people were very tall compared to today. Some believe that people used to be twice as tall as they are now, but the Bible doesn’t tell us that specifically. By the time Jesus walked the earth, the stature of mankind was about the same as it is today.

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